Project Activities in Slovenia, June 2017

RoMigSc Project - National seminar Celje

The towns of Celje & Murska Sobota in Slovenia were hosting different activities regarding the RoMigSc Project, from June 13th to 16th 2017.
The members of the project group have looked at the activities in the previous months and also prepared the future project activities.
A visit to a primary school in Maribor (Osnovna šola Martina Konšaka) was organized; the headmaster explained some challenges the school is facing, regarding the inclusion of Roma and migrant children.
Members of the project group also visited a Roma kindergarten in the Roma settlement in Pušča near Murska Sobota. The visit was followed by workshops for teachers who work with Roma and migrant children.
International School for Social and Bueiness Studies in Celje hosted a national seminar and pilot trainings for volunteers and teachers.
Pictures from all the events are available here.

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