National seminar & training for teachers; 15th to 16th May; Naples (Palazzo Zapata), Italy

Romigsc Italy 2018

On 15th May 2018 was held National seminar with the title ‘Social inclusion through education – inclusion of Migrant and Roma children in schools/education.’ Seminar was attended by 65 participants.

The training for teachers with the titleMigrant and Roma children in kindergartens and schools what can we do together?’, was delivered as 2-day event:15th and 16th May 2018. Training was attended by 49 participants.

Events were organised by CSIG Taranto, in cooperation with Pegaso Online University.


….in relation to right for education to all &  inter-culturalism of teachers:

  • Education is a human right but first of all it is a right characterized by compulsory and gratuitousness in primary school. Education must guarantee the development of the human personality without discrimination. It is important to teach, peace, tolerance, understanding and equality as founding values and respect for differences. International standards in this direction pay little attention to the education of migrants and refugees (G. Cataldi).
  •  The concept of inter-culturalism is used especially in the vocabulary of teachers, and it is interiorized at a theoretical level, whereas in many everyday situations they cannot act by referring to it. In this respect it is important to offer to teachers adequate trainings, possibility to debate, learn from each other and from different renowned experts from the area, to share good practices, compare their strategies, reflect on their culturally constructed attitudes and actions, learn how to implement the intercultural approach in contents but also in their educational styles…get additional insight into the topic on inclusion; to become more competent for everyday situation in multicultural classrooms.


…in relation to volunteering:

  • Migrant children are vulnerable groups; even those who arrive with families belong to low economic status; and need support in integration (in social, school environment, help with language). In this respect, solidarity of volunteers is of crucial importance. It is important that our volunteers know the area in which they operate and know the people for whom they want to operate. And there is a need to better promote volunteering among young people in Italy, in schools; at HE levels; in order to encourage more active citizenship from a young age.


Romigsc Italy 2018


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