I Convention for Human and Social Transformation in Alicante

Romigsc Alicante 2018

On December 12th 2018, the city of Alicante’s Local Agency for Social and Economic Development (Agencia Local de Desarrollo Económico y Social del Ayuntamiento de Alicante), partnering with Alicante’s New Volunteering Association (Nueva Asociación del Voluntariado de Alicante) organized the “I Convention for Human and Social Transformation” (“I Congreso de Transformación Social y Humana”): www.tranformacionsocialyhumana.com. The goal of this Convention was to promote the values of volunteering, solidarity, ethics and transparency. Over 1,000 attendants had the opportunity to learn about personal and professional development, and to become part of a network for social change. Since the Convention’s topic was directly related the project, we had the opportunity to advertise RoMigSc’s activities (seminars, workshops, volunteering actions…).

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