Integration of migrant children in schools – Italy and other EU countries

Integration of migrant children in schools

In the latest Eurydice Italia 2019 report Integration of students from migrant backgrounds in European schools: national policies and measures, are highlight the strategies for the integration of migrant students in education implemented by European countries: Germany and the Austria have placed their attention on diversity, Spain (Autonomous Community of Catalonia), Portugal and Slovenia have set an approach to teaching and learning that takes into account the pupil’s general well-being, Finland and Sweden have given greater attention both to the dimension of diversity and to the dimension of general well-being.

In Italy, education and peer support has been valued, using students as tutors for their newly arrived migrant companions and promoting cooperative learning. Extracurricular activities are also strongly promoted to help pupils with a migration background in learning and social integration, including the involvement of their family members.

The report analyses policies and measures of 10 countries. Report is available also in Italian language.

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