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RoMigSc – 2016 – 2709 / 001 – 001

Project Title: Inclusion of Roma and Migrants in Schools: Trainings, Open Discussions and Youth Volunteering Activities (RoMigSc)

Project Number: 580228-EPP-1-2016-1-SI-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN

Agreement Number: 2016 – 2709 / 001 – 001

Programme: Erasmus, KA3

Key Action: Social inclusion through education, training and youth

Education is crucial for successful integration. Although diversity is an opportunity to make schools more inclusive, creative and open-minded, inequality in education is the highest among Roma and migrant children. Migrant and Roma often face discrimination and xenophobia. For instance, the educational achievements of these groups are in general poorer, they are more likely to drop out from compulsory education, leading to higher risks of social marginalization, to a failure to integrate, and, ultimately, to poverty, which has long-term adverse effects on the social development and economic growth of the host country. The main aim of this project is thus to support better integration of Roma and migrant children in education through various activities.

The engagement of youth in volunteering is also fostered in the project. Volunteering plays a significant role in the youth’s social inclusion. It allows them to engage as citizens, as well as to gain experience, which can enhance their employment opportunities. However, volunteering needs to be recognized as a form of non-formal learning.

Short info about conclusion of the project RoMigSc

The project RoMigSc ended in December 2019. Main policy recommendations on Local, National and EU level are available in the Newsletter 7. We also invite you to visit our E-platform, where you can access different materials (texts, quizzes, videos) from the area of inclusion in schools, intercultural competencies and social responsibility. E-platform has open access, but to access the materials, visitors shall register first. We also inform you that public documents of the project are available on the Resources page.

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