National seminar & training for teachers; 15th to 16th May; Naples (Palazzo Zapata), Italy

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Romigsc Italy 2018

On 15th May 2018 was held National seminar with the title ‘Social inclusion through education – inclusion of Migrant and Roma children in schools/education.’ Seminar was attended by 65 participants. The training for teachers with the title ‘Migrant and Roma children in kindergartens and schools what can we do together?’, was delivered as 2-day event:15th and 16th May 2018. Training … Read More

National seminar; seminar for teachers, and conclusion of volunteering activities –June/July 2018

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Romigsc seminar Slovenija 2018

Three events of the RoMigSc project were held in Slovenia at the beginning of June 2018. On Wednesday, June 6, was organised seminar for teachers; seminar was held in Celje (at the seat of ISSBS), and attended by 16 participants. On Friday, June 8, two events took place in Rakičan (in Rakičan castle): seminar for teachers (30 participants) and national … Read More

4th Project Meeting, Naples, Italy

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Romigsc Napoli 2018

4th project meeting was held from 14th – 15th May. Meeting was organised by CSIG, Taranto and hosted by Pegaso Online University, Naples. The main focus of the meeting was on: a.) validation of synthesis report with discussion on policy recommendations at local national and EU level; b.) partners’ reports on implementation of activities in 2018; c.) idea/ proposal for … Read More

Seminar for volunteers in Taranto

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Romigsc Italy March 2018

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018, we organized a seminar for volunteers at Jonic Department of UniBa (Taranto, Italy). The workshop (45 participants attended) was organized by CSIG (PhD. Augusto Sebastio and Aleš Trunk), in cooperation with: ISSBS (PhD. Nada Trunk Širca) association Migrantes and Stella Maris (Maria Assunta Metrangolo and PhD Cosima Ilaria Buonocore) association “Noi & Voi” Onlus (Flavia … Read More

Priprava manjših šolskih projektov s prostovoljci

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Diverse Hands Holding The Word Volunteer

1. februarja smo se na MFDPŠ sestali s predstavniki slovenskih šol in vzgojnih zavodov, s katerimi se dogovarjamo o izvedbi prostovoljskih aktivnosti v času od marca do junija 2018. Udeležencem smo pojasnili, da bo delo potekalo v okviru predmetov Veščine (učenja) 1, 2 in 3, predmeta Razvoj poslovnih spretnosti ter predmeta Družbena odgovornost, aktivnosti pa na izbranih vrtcih, šolah, vzgojnih … Read More

November 18th – International Migrants Day

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Group of Diverse Multiethnic Children Teamwork

The RoMigSc Project partners will attend different events, organized in their home countries, on the International Migrants Day – November 18th. International Migrants Day is an international day overseen on the 18th of December as International Migrant’s Day, which was appointed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 4th 2000, after having taken into account the large … Read More

“Young European of the Year” award

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Romigsc project - young european of the year award

The award for the “Young European of the Year” is given to young Europeans aged between 18 and 26 years who have distinguished themselves in an exemplary manner concerning their honorary commitment and dedication in the support of international understanding and/or the integration of Europe. The award sum is € 5.000. The award is intended to finance a six-month internship … Read More

3rd RoMigSc Project Meeting in Alicante

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RoMigSc project meeting in Alicante 2017

Alicante (Spain) was the venue of 3rd project meeting of RoMigSc, during November 27th – 28th, 2017. The focus of the meeting was on the planning of the approaching volunteering activity and the discussion of the training sessions. Learning-capacity building activities were also organized during the visit to Nazaret school, epitome of the inclusion of Roma and migrant children. Team … Read More

Meeting with representatives of schools

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RoMigSc Project - meeting with schools

On October 18, ISSBS as one of the project partners in the RoMigSc Project organized a meeting with representatives of schools, which will take volunteers and enrich their educational activities for children with migrant or Roma origin. At the meeting attended by the representatives of  some elementary schools from Celje, Šentjur and Koper, as well as the Municipality of Celje (MOC),  the … Read More

1st Project Meeting in Regensburg, Germany – March 2017

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Participants at the Regensburg Meeting in March 2017

First meeting and learning – capacity building activity was held in Regensburg, Germany, parallel from 13 to 15 March 2017. During the meeting administrative & financial aspects of the project were discussed, as well as the plan of activities. Through learning activities, the project team was introduced with the work of voluntary organizations, got insight into the practices of inclusion … Read More