National seminar & training for teachers; 15th to 16th May; Naples (Palazzo Zapata), Italy

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Romigsc Italy 2018

On 15th May 2018 was held National seminar with the title ‘Social inclusion through education – inclusion of Migrant and Roma children in schools/education.’ Seminar was attended by 65 participants. The training for teachers with the title ‘Migrant and Roma children in kindergartens and schools what can we do together?’, was delivered as 2-day event:15th and 16th May 2018. Training … Read More

Dissemination events in Naples – at MakeLearn 2018

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Romigsc Naples 2018

At the conference MakeLearn, at the session on Social inclusion, held on 16th May, staff members from 4 partner countries (Spain, Slovenia, Germany and Italy) presented their contributions related to the topic of the project: Diversity-aware teachers for supporting inclusion of migrant children in schools – case study of Italy (CSIG Taranto, Italy) Integration of migrant is schools, key EU … Read More

4th Project Meeting, Naples, Italy

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Romigsc Napoli 2018

4th project meeting was held from 14th – 15th May. Meeting was organised by CSIG, Taranto and hosted by Pegaso Online University, Naples. The main focus of the meeting was on: a.) validation of synthesis report with discussion on policy recommendations at local national and EU level; b.) partners’ reports on implementation of activities in 2018; c.) idea/ proposal for … Read More