RoMigSc e-classrooms

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In the framework of the RoMigSc project, we are planning to establish e-classrooms based on the Moodle platform with contents and activities related to the training of teachers and volunteers as well as national seminars. In this month, we launched a test version of the e-classroom in English. Besides the contents for the teachers and volunteers, we added also the … Read More

Catching Up? Intergenerational Mobility and Children of Immigrants

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Catching Up Intergenerational Mobility and Children of Immigrants OECD READ edition

Previous OECD and EU work has shown that even native-born children with immigrant parents face persistent disadvantage in the education system, the school-to-work transition, and the labour market. To which degree are these linked with their immigration background, i.e. with the issues faced by their parents? This publication includes cross-country comparative work and provides new insights on the complex issue … Read More