Teacher training in Skopje June 2019

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Romigsc project training Skopje 2019

In the premises of SEEU, in Skopje was provided training on 11.06.2019, for teachers, within the activities of the RoMIGSc- ERASMUS-plus WP5 project. The focus of the training in the first part was the presentation of the overall project goals by Merita, Zulfiu Alili, while in the second part there was a presentation of some activities carried out by volunteer … Read More

RoMigSc e-classrooms

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In the framework of the RoMigSc project, we are planning to establish e-classrooms based on the Moodle platform with contents and activities related to the training of teachers and volunteers as well as national seminars. In this month, we launched a test version of the e-classroom in English. Besides the contents for the teachers and volunteers, we added also the … Read More